Friday, April 30, 2010

Project 10 Pan (2/10) - RPR My Hydrating Shampoo

Hi everyone, I initially thought that I might be getting away from Singapore for the weekend.... But, plans changed and now I am staying put for the whole weekend. But on the bright side - it's a long weekend for me!! So brighten up, at least I get to rest and blog my way through....

I got to the second item of my Project 10 Pan - RPR My Hydrating Shampoo. It's been forever ad I'm still at my second item!!

Well, if you think this look familiar, that's because I featured the conditioner of the same series in this blog some time back as well.

This shampoo claims to nourishes and strengthens chemically treated or coloured hair with the infused almond milk. I've had chemically treated and coloured hair for the longest time and this product does a fantastically nothing for my hair.

*Looks wistfully at product and wishing against all hopes that it is a miracle item*

Looking back, I'm not sure whether it was because my hair was so badly damaged that this shampoo can only work to maintain the condition and not let it get any worse or that this is really a useless product. But either way, I don't think I'm putting in my money for this anytime soon again.

I finished another item recently as well - It's the Sally Hansen Polish Remover

But I'm not including this as one of the product for my P10P as I feel that I'm cheating a little with this. This is something that I go through really quickly and I don't exactly stock this up like what I do for my skin-care and cosmetics. Anyhow, I've tried polish removers from a couple of brands and I'm sticking to this for a long long time to come.

It's Labour Day today. Have a good rest everyone and I think we all deserve it. :o)

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